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The “REDBUGS” CD is now available via through all media outlets and iTunes. Of course, you can order your copy from me, today!

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8/31/13 I moved lots of stuff to the Archive. See the link bar to the left.

Chris Ethridge's favorite expression: Lord Have Mercy! the perfect Southern gentlemanly expression.

Live from the April 20 Sucarnochee Revue!

Waiting For The Hard Times To Go

You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go


12/8/12 . . . I'm goin' fishin'! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm goin' fishin'. Fishin' in the rain, just fishin' in the rain . . .

That's akin to mixed musical metaphors.


7/26/12 Our Western Trip

A special thank you to all my California friends for sharing the wonderful gift of music with us. Piper, Olivia (Livi, my 5 year old granddaughter), and I made the trip from Mississippi to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains for a delightful time of music and friendship. Piper and Olivia are the queens of camp and I am just their footman. I've never been prouder to be anything more than I was then. Livi was a real trouper on the long trip, traveling like a pro all the way. She got to see the Grand Canyon and enjoy a romp in the desert, and during our stop in Needles, CA, got to find out what a place that is REALLY hot is like. "But that dry, desert heat is tolerable," I can hear some of you saying. Let me assure you, during the middle of a monsoon where the rain is falling all around, evaporating before it hits the ground just filling the air with humidity, 123 degrees is HOT, HOT, HOT. Even the people of Needles said we were there on a really bad day. I'd say so, too!

California is a land of extremes . . . from the sublimely beautiful, to the most intensively farmed land you can imagine, to some of the harshest and most remote places on the planet. It has been my joy and pleasure to spend much time there in that remarkable place and to make so many friends I will keep for the rest of my life. Thank you all for our wonderful hospitality. We Mississippians pride ourselves on our hospitality, but let us never think we have a lock on it; people the world over extend the most gracious hospitality towards others, and Californians are no exception.

I will be posting some videos soon, but here are audio recordings from my ZOOM H2N recorder, which I placed on the stage with us during our 7/19/12 set at Will's Cantina, located within the confines of a magical place near Fresno. To Will, I say, "Salute," and thank you for the wonderful venue you have worked hard to provide for us share our music with others who seem to enjoy it so much, and for the delicious food you prepare, every plate of which is its own work of culinary art and skill. The only food canned in California is that which is exported to Mississippi. There's nothing quite like fresh California produce. The ZOOM recorder picked up every nuance of noise from the stage, including foot tapping on the plywood floor, and the creaks of the stage as it groaned from all 250 lbs. of me moving around on its surface. Thanks, also, to Nick, who worked hard to schedule all the music at the Cantina. Thanks to Kevin and Calvaleigh. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard, those seen and unseen, to create this magic time and space for a us all to expand to fit. It is larger than we think.

This is LIVE music. If you like LIVE music, then I hope you will enjoy the following tunes. Thank you for listening.

All songs are ©J. Christopher Sharp, except Poor Mississippi Me, Why Not Tonight, and Angelina Baker. Poor Mississippi Me is ©Piper E. Lauderdale. The publisher for all my tunes and Piper's is Stump Whipped Music/ASCAP. Why Not Tonight is an old Hymn. Angelina Baker is attributed to Stephen Foster, but there is some disagreement among those who study these things as to its actual origin. I can live with Stephen Foster!!

Piper and I are playing guitar and singing. The sublimely talented band of friends accompanying us is: Mayne Smith, Dobro; Markie Sanders, Bass; Bob Applebaum, Mandolin; and Blaine Sprouse, Fiddle. What a band! I was so beside myself with joy that folks in the crowd were wondering if there were two of me on stage.

You can right click on these MP3's and download them if you'd like.

     Riverboat Song

     Railroad Mule Wagon Blues

     From a Sow's Ear We'll Have a Silk Purse

     Poor Mississippi Me

     Why Not Tonight

     Angelina Baker

     Bye Bye Birdie

     Someday You'll Be Mine

     Sweat to Gold

     Heart Still in Louisville

     Those Shoes You're Wearing

     Flat Land Blues

CLL Blog Updated 7/6/12 

From the March 2, 2012 SUCARNOCHEE REVUE

2/18/12 From Mississippi Public Broadcasting and picked up by NO DEPRESSION! Thanks, Max Shores, Producer of The Sucarnochee Revue TV show!


Here is a link to NO DEPRESSION's website:



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